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volunteering south africa Work alongside a local NGO to empower, support, and enhance the quality of life communities. As one of South Africa’s economic hub, and one of the most advanced city in Africa, Cape Town still suffers from a severe lack of development in a number of issues. With many people still living below the poverty line, a number of NGO have take the initiative working at a ground level with the people affected to find effective and sustainable ways to alleviate and eradicate social economic inequalities. Participating in an international development volunteer project is a great way to make an effort to help tip this balance.

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Volunteer’s participation involves working in a variety of NGOs situated in local communities around Cape Town. They offer a variety of services to their clients ranging from life and leadership skills, food campaigns, soup kitchens, sewing projects, sports programs linked to awareness education, and training support projects. NGOs working at this ground level deals with a number of issues from unemployment, crime, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol abuse, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and health. Helping the local and national government to to draft polices that address this issues.

(please be informed that we currently updating the volunteering projects.) Therefore the information provided is limited.

volunteering south africa

Eat from Earth Project

Hunger kills millions in Africa every year! Children in underdeveloped communities are undernourishment and in poor health due to food shortages. Thousands of solutions have been tabled and are in motion, however non-actually works better than when people grow their own food. In a world focused on technology and getting ahead at all costs, it might be time to look at life in a different way and focus on what's really important. This channel is virtually about the simple life and living more sustainably and organically!
Confronted with all this issues, one NGO took to its initiative to help and improve the equality of live and health of local communities. They believe that a healthy community must eat healthy and make sustainable farming practice that does not harm the environment.
The organisation educates and trains people in organic food gardening. The low-cost methods they teach enable gardeners to harvest large amounts of vegetables, fruit and herbs from small spaces using very little water and no harmful chemicals. Not only this, but Eat From Earth project creates opportunities for food gardeners to expand their horizons beyond the garden fence, to develop skills and talents so that they are able to earn money to pay for what they need.

volunteering south africa

Main activities
- Greenhouse work, seeding and transplanting
- Learning organic farming
- Harvesting
- Planting crops
- Helping communities setup their organic projects
- Weeding
- Laying irrigation
- Farm related construction projects
- Assisting with day to day running of the projects
- Implementing what is taught

Working on the project site requires the physical capability to contribute daily in a rigorous, fast-paced agricultural setting. Farm work offers an incredibly rewarding and demanding work environment and life experience. Please consider this commitment before applying.

More projects will be uploaded soon! Team IO Cape Town
- Community Development Project
- Teaching
- White Shark Project
- Wildlife Project

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